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Monthly Archives: December 2010

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 5 of a Continuing Series

Do you love controversy? I do, and passionately. It appears that the concept of revenge is, indeed, a controversial one. It probably wouldn’t be controversial if I wasn’t advocating for it. The idea of an eye for an eye – which many of us reduce the concept of revenge down to – seems essentially discredited. […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 23 of a Continuing Series

Today we return to value. What, precisely, is value? One definition is simply what I pay for, or at least the positive vision in my mind when I make a purchase. Value is the thing that makes me say yes. It is the stuff in the purchase that makes the purchase worth my money. Value […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 4 of a Continuing Series

Revenge. Is it bad? My answer, quick and direct, is yes and no. I know the evils of revenge, as stated yesterday as regards my grandfather’s emigration away from Italy. But, what’s the good side of revenge? First, when it is good, we always call it justice. But, we can’t accept that comfort, here. I […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 22 of a Continuing Series

I’d like to share a discovery that our conversation here has triggered for me. As many of you may know, I’ve been quite passionate about historical swordsmanship for the past five years. It was not, however, until this morning’s meditation that the following connection dawned upon me. The battle for knowledge and the art of […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 3 of a Continuing Series

Something I’ve shared before, that I love about righteous rules, is that they all seem like the single most important one. Today’s rule is a perfect example: The enemy of my friend is my enemy. We live in a world where denial is worshiped, and illusion sought as if it were the Holy Grail. We […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 21 of a Continuing Series

To finish my tale, there’s just a bit more info you need. Dr. Brazil employed my favorite format for his class: no assignments, no quizzes, no points for class participation, no papers, no research assignments or special projects of any sort. The only things that comprised your grade were the mid-term and final exams. As […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 2 of a Continuing Series

If you’re my friend, and he is your friend, then, is he my friend? Truth is, it depends. Our man to turn to today is Adam Smith. No, not his famous book that everyone mentions but few read, The Wealth of Nations. Not that one. That, but the way, was published in 1776, an easy […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 20 of a Continuing Series

Today’s exciting tale is one of combat, deadly threat, a small boy’s battle for survival against the overwhelming forces of darkness, a young champion’s rise from the depths of unpopularity to prince of his school and ultimately, process and triumph in fighting for and winning a perfect 4.0 GPA until…screech…enter Evil Dr. Brazil who stole […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 1 of a Continuing Series

Between the two friendly emotions, love and trust, which is more dangerous? For me, there can be no question. In fact, the dangers of trust offer us my own purely analytical hypothesis. We are taught to be unemotional at work as a direct result of this fact. Nothing in all of life is as dangerous […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 19 of a Continuing Series

If any of you are also Facebook friends of mine, you might have noticed that my newest great influence is a fellow named Luca Pacioli, who was Leonardo Da Vinci’s math teacher. I have to start today’s work with a quote from him, from 1494: “Defining diligently and truthfully so that truth will always guide […]