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Monthly Archives: November 2010

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 17 of a Continuing Series

“So, you tell me you’re going to help me build power, respect, recognition and reward, do you? Why in the world should I believe you? What are your qualifications? What’s your story?” Those are the words you LONG to hear! By the way, how many of you have read the amazing Anthony Parinello’s fantastic book, […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 16 of a Continuing Series

Time for Value, Attention for Insight; these are the two key exchanges we’ve analyzed together so far. How good at them are you? My own tactical formula works like so. One: “Hello, my name is Pasquale Scopelliti, and I help recruiters transform their performance and explode the production of their shops. But, before I tell […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 15 of a Continuing Series

As we continue tightening up our grip on our analysis, let’s start today looking at basic strategies and tactics. Strategy One: Know Thyself The mandate to know what we need and what we’re working for is great. To master this strategy, its best to work backward. Do you have the rewards you seek? If not, […]

The White Belt Recruiter Starts by Picking up the Phone

The White Belt Recruiting Series, Part 5 of 6 – Click here to read the previous issues. Our focus today is on our last guideline, Rule 4: 1.  Put On Your White Belt 2.  Build Your Plan 3.  Dedicate Yourself TO Your Plan 4.  Pick Up The Phone And Call “Here is where you start: Play one note […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 14 of a Continuing Series

I’m hoping that our focus on tactics, application and some early conclusions helped out last week. This morning, I can tell, though, that we need a bit of a refresher in our basics. It may soon be time to wind this thread (or at least my postings in it) down and start one or two […]