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From Transactions to Key Account Mastery

Last week I had the great opportunity to present my first webinar to Charlotte Byndas’ wonderful group at the Career Agents Network.  By the way, do check them out:

The webinar was a blast, but the most interesting thing for me was the fantastic caliber of the interaction.  Charlotte asked three of her members to join me, and their thoughts and comments inspired me greatly.  For example, as we discussed procuring business plans from clients, the subject of creating our own plans was raised.  I’d never thought about that before, and it is no small thing!  Clearly, writing our own business plans qualifies as a moment of strategic inflexion.  It was a great point.

I’m hoping for many more.  Over at my discussion group at Linked In (check it out, here: Recruiting Tactics & Strategy Group) we’ll be discussing the notes below as well as many other strategic inflexions recruiters must navigate.  The name of our session last week was:

From Transactions to Key Account Mastery: The Point of Strategic Inflexion

You can download the PowerPoint presentation below:


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