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Monthly Archives: September 2010

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 7 of a Continuing Series

Nicholas did not want to tell me, but he completely agrees with Gary, I’ve lost him in this thread. What he didn’t realize is that, letting me know that late, as opposed to early, hurts worse. So, Nico, you’re on notice, keep me on track whenever I lose or even just bore you! I NEED […]

The Conversation – Navigating Today’s Amazing Conversation

In the past, groups met in rooms.  There were parties, too, and those were wonderful.  Meals and seminars, conferences and concerts.  Inside houses and buildings of brick and mortar, people met, congregated and got to know each other, a little.  Friendships were sparked in potential, but then, to actually be friends other things had to […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 6 of a Continuing Series

So, what really is in it for me, after all? There is an amazing equality we discover as we ponder this question. Regardless of our list, whatever is in it for you is also what’s in it for me. Using David Schneider’s algebra: WIFM = WIFY And in long hand: What’s In It For Me […]

White Belt Recruiting

You may not know much about martial arts, but you likely have some idea what a black belt is.  Wouldn’t you be proud to have a Black Belt in Recruiting? What recruiter wouldn’t want one? Wouldn’t you want to have people call you, requesting your service?  Wouldn’t you enjoy it if the candidates you called […]

Encounters with your Coach, Conclusion

Hello Good Readers, As you know, I recently concluded the Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting, morphing those explorations into my new series, “What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?” This series is much shorter, but I’ve decided to do the same thing here, too. I will happily leave this thread open, in case you have thoughts, […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 5 of a Continuing Series

I’ve been working on strategy and tactics for my entire career. Years went by, though, when I did not know how to explain the work. Thank goodness, those years are now in the past! But, let me share the confusion of the past, before I clear it up, as it gives us delicious context. Everyone […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 13 of a Continuing Series

4. Transformation that Breaks Today’s Limits Which limit would you like to break? Do you work out, and do you have any athletic goals? I love to preach that business performance is an athletic endeavor! There are always obviously financial goals to consider. How much money did you make last year; last quarter; last month? […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 4 of a Continuing Series

Why is it that my little list brings first Rodney Dangerfield and then loads of mob films to mind? Of course, Rodney’s famous “I don’t get no respect” is clear. And, it helps me make my point about sequencing our values. If Rodney had real power, he’d get respect, wouldn’t he? But, why wouldn’t respect […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 12 of a Continuing Series

3. Hard-Fought and Hard-Won Progress I wish I could sell easy. I try to sell fast, but since I never know if we can actually deliver that or not, I’m always careful about that so-tempting promise! Sometimes, I really do get to sell natural, organic, the next step that is just waiting to be taken, […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 3 of a Continuing Series

I really am interested. What do you think of my current four elements of value? 1. Power 2. Respect 3. Recognition 4. Reward When we build lists such as this, the question is always just like Goldilocks. Do we have too few items, too many, or just the right number? If we reduce value down […]