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Monthly Archives: July 2010

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 36 of a Continuing Series

Today, let’s argue. I’ll start, but for the faint of heart, I must give a HUGE SARCASM WARNING. I may not actually mean much of what follows, although if you’ve never read anything else I’ve written, you may well be a bit confused. WARNING OVER. Life is not for the bold, they’re often punished for […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 29 of a Continuing Series

Picking up our atomic visualization, let’s review: 1. A Candidate truly worth COMPETING OVER – a True STAR. 2. A sloppy mix of competitive firms. 3. Two managers out of that mix who actually COMPETE with each other. 4. Your ability to present your True STAR with undeniably compelling evidence of extraordinary performance capacity. What […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 35 of a Continuing Series

Repeat. After reinvention, we repeat. Reinvented, as we ourselves now are, we rewrite our bold vision, this time bolder; also, this time with greater clarity and strength of purpose. We reenter the stream of relentless execution, this time more relentless, with sharper, better execution. If we were working on the numbers, we’d find everything we’re […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 28 of a Continuing Series

Over the years, I’ve found that fundamentals require meditation. No, I don’t mean formally trained mediation like Yoga or Zen Buddhism provides, or even martial arts or military training such as the type that sniper’s receive. Those are all fantastic forms of meditation, and anyone who has the benefit of such training is way, way […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 34 of a Continuing Series

From writing into action, I suspect we’ll benefit from a rule, a powerful command, really. What do you think of this as a candidate: REWRITE YOURSELF…BETTER! I’ve discussed how the current top candidate I’ve got for highest ethical mandate is improvement. To strengthen that, and tie it here, I’d like to offer my own best […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 27 of a Continuing Series

Just as we previously discussed the atomic unit of two candidates in competition for the job offer on your search, we must begin now to wrap our minds around the revolutionary fundamental of competition amongst hiring managers. It is worthwhile to review and reinforce the logical fact that the smallest unit of competition is just […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 33 of a Continuing Series

Once again regaining our bearings, the practice of writing – especially of written analysis – fits into our four stages as the loop bringing the results of analysis back, through the stages of reinvention and bold, new vision, into powerful new action. So, let’s be clear, writing is for, writing is about, writing must lead […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 26 of a Continuing Series

How big was the discovery? It was big. It was, to the best of my ability to find it so far, the actual beginning point for our entire industry. Consider, what Recruiting Industry would there be without the Employer-Paid Fee? Let’s pick up and finish the story as it was told to me. {Before we […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 32 of a Continuing Series

Writing. I’m trying, but obviously failing, to not mention reading and arithmetic while I’m on the topic. Discipline, Scopelliti, keep your focus. Okay, that was a close one. No math. No reading. No literature or movies…just writing and only writing about business. Okay… So what’s the magic; what’s the big deal about writing? Answer me […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 25 of a Continuing Series

Today we begin with a bit of history. There are two key players in our history, and in fact, I’d surely love to welcome both here, if we could win their attention! They are the amazing team of Alan Schonberg and Elton Marcus. I’ll attempt to reach out to both of them, and see if […]