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Monthly Archives: June 2010

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 28 of a Continuing Series

Today, let’s simplify. Vision, Execution, Analysis, Reinvention; these four simple themes, cornerstones of business excellence that they are, they flow. Let’s feel that flow, now. When you search for a vision, it is a vision of what? Yes, of transformation and glory, of course. Of victory achieved. Of battles won, challenges overcome. Yes, by all […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 21 of a Continuing Series

A search is…an Auction…? How can that be? Let’s look at the players. You have a hiring manager, and he has… yes, do give us the drum roll, please… a job to offer. What does this mean? Have you ever watched the movie “Dave,” starring Kevin Kline? SPOILER WARNING: It’s a standard type of Hollywood […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 27 of a Continuing Series

Hello Everyone, Arriving back here for our work in our four themes, I find that with this morning’s posting we’re at the end of the cycle again. Maybe the timing is right to turn this discussion into more of true discussion. So, what I believe I’ll do is simply ask you all some questions, in […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 20 of a Continuing Series

Before I review our simple formula and share our next revolutionary steps in the fundamentals, let me ask a couple of questions, first. 1.) When was your last placement, that is, how long ago? Rookies with none, the answer is obviously never. That’s okay; question two will apply to you. But for the rest of […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 26 of a Continuing Series

Can endless repetition be…fulfilling? Isn’t endless repetition one of the worst punishments you could torment someone with? In Greek Myth we have Sisyphus endlessly rolling his horrible boulder up the mountain only to see it roll back down again every single time. How frustrating! What pure torture!! The Zen masters teach us the opposite lesson. […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 19 of a Continuing Series

We could argue about the Golden Rule, and it might be fun to do so. Is it best phrased, “Do until others as you would have them do unto you?” Or, are there more accurate, stronger, better ways to express the rule? We could argue about other rules of possibly greater importance. It would be […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 25 of a Continuing Series

Fulfillment. Does it come from Reinvention and Repeat? Yes, absolutely, but I will come back to that! Fulfillment also comes from vision executed upon, which together are worthy of true, bone crunching and give-it-all-you’ve-got analysis. Yes, all these lessons generalize over to the rest of our lives, from art to family, to recreation and everything […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 18 of a Continuing Series

How many times have you felt tricked, misled, manipulated – and enjoyed it? Me, if you do those things to me, I feel that you have stolen my most precious possession from me, which is my time. You’ve done more to me, though. You’ve wounded me. You’ve hurt my ego and lowered my pride. You’ve […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 17 of a Continuing Series

What did you think about that excursion into machinery, emotional detection machinery? Are you good at detecting your own emotions? You know, we have a great load of negative associations to overcome when refining and improving our emotional capabilities. The word for all this programming is “dehumanization.” Perhaps my disgust over this great burden of […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 16 of a Continuing Series

Good Morning Revolutionary Recruiters! We left off Tuesday discussing the magical machine powers of emotional detection. Let me ask, did you follow that? It’s worth focusing on. Then we’ll turn to tactical application directly. One of the reasons we adults often take so much delight in children is that they see the world through such […]