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Monthly Archives: May 2010

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 12 of a Continuing Series

My favorite story of a true, A-Player performer is about a man I worked with when I was a broker. His name was Tak Tsukuda. Tak dreamed of a great trade, and unlike most brokers, whose trades ran in the $1,500 range, he dreamed to drop a cool Million Dollars into the market at once. […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 21 of a Continuing Series

For execution to be relentless, it has to be driven. But, how do we determine if our obsessive drive is right or wrong? Actually, we have to probe the drive for execution itself a bit further, first! Let’s go simple. Your desk is a mess. So is your office, but let’s just focus on your […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 11 of a Continuing Series

You might be amazed at how simple it is to ask a prospective hiring manager to tell you about the not-yet-slain dragons storming around his world wreaking havoc. The most perfected such question I’ve ever encountered, and it is an ancient question, is, “Tell me, what’s keeping you up at night?” We discuss repetition elsewhere, […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 20 of a Continuing Series

We have now explored the emotional state of being excited, relative to the boldness of our vision, and the reality of the vision itself. It must excite us. When we’re excited, though, what comes next? What must excitement convert to, within our minds, hearts and souls? We do know the answer, and can express it […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 10 of a Continuing Series

Do you know who Saint George is? I’m a pretty big fan of his. He’s one of the greatest dragon slayers in history/mythology. Believe it or not, the following question is connected. Do you know any hunters, and have you ever pondered how much they actually love the creatures they hunt down, kill and eat […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 19 of a Continuing Series

Today, we pick up on our considerations of vision, from the point of view of excitement, morality and effectiveness. We used excitement, Monday, to define “bold.” How can a vision be bold, yet not be exciting to you, personally? Boldness must be recognized by others, too, of course. But, if it doesn’t excite you yourself, […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 9 of a Continuing Series

I don’t know if you love hearing war stories or not, but I know – I really do, now! – I know that you love telling them! Do you remember Al Bundy, and his glorious quarterbacking in High School, from the old TV show, Married With Children? I’ll confess, I actually really did love it […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 18 of a Continuing Series

A couple of new dynamics have struck my mind which I have to share. The first was a set of four inner states or conditions, one attached to each cornerstone. Here, let me show you! 1. Bold Vision – Excitement 2. Relentless Execution – Drive 3. Penetrating Analysis – Enlightenment 4. Reinvention & Repeat – […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 8 of a Continuing Series

So what about marketing? Perhaps a small bit of our impending revolution begins to show itself here. It is ancient wisdom in the recruiting industry that you should market in the morning. I say, let’s fight! No, market in the afternoon! I know…, I know the arguments. First, we’re told that you want to get […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 17 of a Continuing Series

Have you ever considered how critical it is that you be able to repeat yourself? Whether you’re a salesman, a teacher, an executive, a parent or just a communicator of any breed, you won’t make your point simply by stating it, one time, and then you’re done. The transfer of information or emotion from one […]