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Monthly Archives: April 2010

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 4 of a Continuing Series

Meditate with me again: 1 Recruiter + 1 Job Offer Extending Client + 1 Job Offer Accepting Candidate = 1 Placement Let’s get a bit more mathematical. Recruiter = R Job Offer Extending Client = Cl Job Offer Accepting Candidate = Ca Placement = P So: R + Cl + Ca = P We’ll be […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 13 of a Continuing Series

We return to the question of how to ensure that our analysis penetrates deeply…enough. Here, in this very question, we find a clue! What, actually, does the term “enough” indicate? There are only two levels we require and they’re both quite easy of mind. I’ll explain the phrase “easy of mind” in a moment. The […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 3 of a Continuing Series

Today, let’s pick up on our little formula: 1 Recruiter + 1 Offer Extending Client + 1 Offer Accepting Candidate = 1 Placement Whenever I work with the great Jim Luzar on such topics, and I discuss starting out at the end – such as our formula above indicates – he always emphasizes one of […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 12 of a Continuing Series

Out of our eight terms, can there be any question, execution is, and by far, the most important. Its praises have been sung by many, so there’s nothing new in this recognition. But, we must meditate upon execution for ourselves, each day. Thus, while we won’t add anything new to the topic, we must wrestle […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 2 of a Continuing Series

I shared my shock, yesterday, over the fact that what are called Most Placeable Candidates COULD actually be placed. Thanks again to Tim Lawler for that amazing revelation, back in the beginning of 1999. Today, we’re going to look inside that story a bit, and see what we can’t find there, revealed. The simple basics […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 11 of a Continuing Series

Why be relentless? What if you’ve made the wrong commitment? What if you’re relentlessly pursuing the wrong path? What if your bold vision was quite simply over the wrong goal? Perhaps life is too short to invest so wastefully, so unthoughtfully as the term relentless indicates. It’s tempting to answer such arguments with a small […]

“The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting”, Part 1 of a Continuing Series

In coming days, I’ll post a fairly random set of thoughts (at first) exploring what I like to call “The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting,” every other day, alternating with the Cornerstones series. Today’s thoughts will give a bit of background and some recognition to a very important teacher. We start our journey into the fundamentals […]

Introducing: “The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting” Series

In this new series, we’ll romp through history, rediscover the very founding and creation of our industry, discuss economics and the actual value of recruiting (why are some companies so smart to work with you and some so dumb to reject the use of independent, 3rd party recruiters?), we’ll travel into the future and boldly […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 10 of a Continuing Series

Vision beckons, again. Bold? Do you have a bold vision, truly? This we’ve asked. I ask again, but let’s go deeper. We’ve also discussed the truth of your vision. That we must ponder again. If it was to become prophets that we sought, the accuracy and verity of our vision would be the ideal. We’d […]

“The Cornerstones of Business Excellence”, Part 9 of a Continuing Series

We’ve completed our first cycle through, and that indicates we should reiterate our structure: 1. Bold Vision 2. Relentless Execution 3. Penetrating Analysis 4. Reinvention & Repeat I don’t know how many cycles this structure will inform, before I’ll just have to turn my attention elsewhere! But, there can be no question that a second […]