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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Introducing: The FSTOPS™, Part 3 of 3

Application – Pasquale’s 2009 Failure/Regret When we use The FSTOPS™ to build decisions, we set the time frame we’ll cover before we get started.  My time frame will be my performance in 2009 as my past, through the end of 2010 for the future, and this first quarter of 2010 for the present. My failure […]

Introducing: The FSTOPS™, Part 2 of 3

Emotional Colors In Part 1 below we considered the basis of The FSTOPS™.  Our structure was clearly a very logical, rational one.  But, that’s not how decisions get made, is it?  Not at all. It is our emotions that almost always generate decisions, and our logical, rational minds that follow along, providing “reasons” afterward. To […]

Decision 2010

If you’re ready to make the best possible decisions for your practice and want to start building the placement business you deserve, send an email to… …and we’ll discuss the Decisions you face in 2010 to make that happen! Is it time to invest in your future and receive the extraordinary guidance and counsel […]

Introducing: The FSTOPS™, Part 1 of 3

In my previous post below, I mentioned that a tool was needed in order for recruiters to excel in making and influencing decisions.  The tool I’ve developed is called The FSTOPS™. The questions below are constructed from the underlying structure of The FSTOPS™.  The reason for the structure is simple.  All decisions are built out […]

The Most Powerful Way to Understand and Influence a Decision

Today I’d like to share with you the most powerful way to understand and influence a decision, whether it’s your own or the careful deliberation of a client or candidate that will put money in your pocket. First, let’s talk about decisions. Recruiting is all about decisions.  Stay or go?  Hire or not?  Fire and […]

January 2011

So how’d it go?  What sort of year was 2010? I’d really like to hear your story!  Was it a great year, middling, or not so good?  What was the worst moment, and then, what happened next?  What unforeseen challenges arose, especially those that made you think you’d just not make it?  How did you […]