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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Share your Baby 2010’s name here!

In my most recent issue of the Recruiting Tactics & Strategy Report, I compared 2009 to a vile, nasty old man we’ll be better off without, entirely unlike what you see in the picture. Thankfully, he’s on his way out.  But what do we do now? What we must do is put all of our […]

Christmas Awakening

In my new white-paper, The Switch, I teach Recruiters how to flip the switch from ineffective, boring, or nonproducing work to meaningful, satisfying, and success-generating performance. There are seven challenges you must meet in order to accomplish this.  I’d like to share a little story from my family’s Christmas morning that wonderfully illustrates how the […]

My New Website & Video

In addition to the new article, I’ve also completely redone my website and recorded a video introduction.  I think you’re going to really like the simple and elegant layout.  Click the screenshot below to go directly to… Our advance testers have given us the highest marks on the look and feel, and the biggest […]

Flip “The Switch” and start building the placement business you deserve!

My newest article is called “The Switch”.  I’m offering it completely free at my website, But what’s “The Switch” that you’ll be reading about? Here’s the gist… Can you imagine building the placement business you deserve?  To begin, what you need is the power to innovatively resolve all the issues that have held you […]

Mike says…

First off, Mike Gionta tells me that I have to put more pictures up here at my blog.  So… I got Mike’s permission to share this shot of him with you all… Mike is the guy on the right.  On the left is Mike’s client Mark, who is Mike’s first amazing success story in political […]