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Monthly Archives: November 2009

You won’t believe me, but I’m truly grateful for…

I’ve meditated long and hard on what I wished to share with you all about tomorrow’s holiday of gratitude.  And, I expect it will be pretty hard to believe, but here’s what I’ve decided to be most grateful for, from a business point of view if you will.  There are two things. First, I’m grateful […]

Guest Post – “The Diagram” by Bill Clark

When I first talked with Pat, I was struck by his ability to bring out one’s inner expression of looking at things in a completely different way.  Let me explain, Pat asked me to look at the “Diagram” you know, the one with the 2 circles that cross together. Having Pat on the phone and […]

An extraordinary mission statement

The photos below are from the façade of the old postal building, now the site of the Smithsonian Institute’s Postal Museum.  This wonderful building is also the site of one of Washington DC’s best brewery/restaurants, Capitol City Brewery.  It’s awfully tempting to discuss this mission statement in depth, and also to apply it to today’s […]

Do you have the right stuff to EITHER reject or obey Pythagoras’ counsel?

We considered the so-simple, but so-powerful guidance of Pythagoras in our last post, with this passage… Pythagoras established a strict routine for his students, paying particular attention to the hour of waking and the hour of falling asleep. As soon as you awake, in order lay the actions to be done the coming day. Similarly, […]

A Tale of Two Thinkers

Today’s story begins about 570 years before the great switch from BC to AD, making it roughly 2,579 years ago, give or take.  Our first thinker, and some would argue the first true thinker in history, is Pythagoras.  But, we’ll come back to him… We leap forward to 1,945 years after the same flip, to […]