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Old-timer Series: How to add a LinkedIn profile badge to your Outlook email signature

Mary Burback asked a great question in her comment on my father’s post below, ” There are NO new words left, anymore… :’-(” How can you add a LinkedIn profile badge like this…

…to your Outlook email signature so that everyone who receives an email from you sees the badge? It’s a little complicated, but I’ll be as descriptive as possible in each step, and it’s worth the effort. Here goes…

Step 1) Understand the difference between a Public Profile and a Full Profile

In LinkedIn, your Profile is where people go to read about you, your current work, your past positions, your recommendations, etc. You may not realize it, but you actually have two different versions of your profile. There’s the Full Profile, and the ublic Profile. The Public Profile is an abridged version of the Full Profile. It appears almost like it’s own web page, without all the additional LinkedIn elements surrounding it. Click on the link below to see my father’s Public Profile (it will open in a new window, just close the window when you’re done to come back here):

Do you see how it’s like its own web advertisement? It’s clean and good looking. Also note how simple the link to it is. Now let’s compare that to my father’s Full Profile. Click on the link below (it will also open in a new window):

Now you’ve got the entirety of the profile, and it also appears within the LinkedIn interface.

Step 2) Create a user-friendly URL for your Public Profile

It’s your public profile that you want to send your clients and prospects to.  To get started, the first thing you want to do is create a user-friendly URL (web address) for your public profile.

1. Log  in to LinkedIn
2. Hover your mouse over “Profile” at the top of the page and then click on “Edit Profile”.
3. In the center of your profile page, you’ll see where it lists your Current position, your Previous positions, followed by your Education, etc. Below that you’ll see where it says “Public Profile”. Next to it, it’ll give you the link to your public profile. You can actually edit this link to make it simple and simple and unique like my father’s.
4. To do so, click [ Edit ] next to the link.
5. Along the top it will say “Your Public Profile URL“. Then it will display the address again, and you’ll see another [ Edit ] button.  Click on it.
6. Now you’ll be able enter something simple as your address.  It will allow you to enter something unique after “…”  My father’s is “”. Yours can be whatever you want it to be… your name, your nickname, your company’s name, your dog’s name, the name of your favorite dinosaur… so long as no one on LinkedIn has already chosen that. Just enter it in and click “Set Address”

Step 3) Select and copy your Profile badge

This only looks tricky, but it’s actually easy if you take it step by step.

1. Click on the link below and you’ll see some options for your new Profile badge:

2. Decide which one you’d like to use, and then right click on the button itself and click Copy. Don’t worry about the code for now. Click back to your Profile.

Step 4) Add the badge to your email signature in Outlook 2007

1. Open Microsoft Outlook
2. Click on Tools and then Options
3. Click on the Mail Format tab along the top
4. Click on the Signatures button
5. Now we need to create a new signature. Click on the “New” button
6. Name the new signature, something like “LinkedIn Badge” will do.
7. Now, find where it says “Edit signature”. Below that is a text box. Right-click in that box and click Paste
8. You should now see the badge in the new signature. But you’re not done , so don’t click OK just yet! Now we need to make it so that clicking on the badge sends your client to your public profile.
9. Go back to Internet Explorer to the the LinkedIn Profile page.
10. Go back to where it says Public Profile and right-click on the link next to it and click “Copy shortcut”. If you help getting back there, look at “Step 2) Create a user-friendly URL for your Public Profile” above.
11. Now go back to Outlook where the Edit signature box should still be open. Click on the badge itself so that it is selected.
12. There is a button that looks like a globe behind a chain link on the right side of the box. That’s the Insert Hyperlink button. Click on it.
13. A new box opens up where you can copy the link to your profile. Look towards the bottom where it says “Address”. Right click in the space provided and click Copy.
14. Click OK. Then Click OK in the Signature box and you’re done! All your outgoing emails will have your profile badge attached.

And there you have it. Let me know if you have any problems following all that. And when you’re done, send me an email with your new signature to webmaster [at] theconsigliori [dot] com. Good luck!