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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Finding your dream, pt. 3: “Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming”

Now this book is simply no easy read.  And, what if you’ve never heard of the Kabbalah before, let alone have any idea what it is?  In case you would like to know, Kabbalah is a medieval branch of mystical Judaism that has recently—mostly in the decades since the Holocaust—begun to speak to a broader […]

Finding your dream, pt. 2: “The Alchemist”

Have you ever felt the touch a person so powerful, yet so loving, that it was an unquestionably magical encounter?  Have you ever felt as lost in life as can be, yet known that there were signs and signals all around, pointing you in the right direction if only you could note them and respond […]

Finding your dream, pt. 1: Harris Cohen’s question

It is a great pleasure to introduce my friend and former client Harris Cohen, by posting and responding right here—absolutely with his permission you understand—an e-mail he sent to me. I’ll answer Harris’ question below… Hello Don Pasquale! I hope this email finds you well. I seem to have gotten myself re-connected with you thru […]

Did you miss the first edition of the newsletter?

The first edition of my free newsletter went out yesterday.  It was called How 12 Points Can Change Your Recruiting World Now.  If you missed it, be sure to sign up today before 4 pm.  We’ll be sending it to anyone who didn’t receive it yesterday. Here’s a link to sign up: The Newsletter. […]

This diagram PROVES you don’t need a script!

Okay, I’m just kidding about the word “proves” in this post heading.  The following diagram truly does NOT prove anything.  But, I still hope to persuade you.  First, here’s the diagram: I’ve seen this diagram at many blog posts and web sites, so I’m not sure of the original attribution.  But, it’s obviously the simplest […]

On the record

Wow.  What a ride these past couple of weeks have been, dear readers.  From Sherri Buckner’s Power Hour until the release of our first newsletter yesterday, I can share that the work has been both non-stop and simply awesome fun.  This really has been a blast! As these new steps have rolled out, many of […]

Ron Ellis goes heart to heart

I wonder how many of you know Ron.  If you do, you know Ron has a lot to say.  If you know him, you also know he’s got a mighty mind and its always working.  It never stops working. That—Ron and I discovered today—has been a very big problem.  I’m not sure why, but I […]

The Power of Twice Daily Performance Writing

What I’m about to share is exactly what Mark Reisner will be doing, and in coming weeks and months, he’ll bring you up to speed on how it goes for him.  A bit of the background story will help, though. As of 2004, I’d been engaging a type of intervention with clients when they struggled […]

Report from Mark’s First Session: 12 Points of Review

What an incredible, and wonderful thing re-commencing with an extraordinary old friend can be.  I simply could not have imagined either the emotion or the impact on me of getting started with Mark Reisner again.  Also, since I’m so new to blogging, this is only the second time a client has granted me permission to […]

Our conversation at this blog

For those of you who don’t know us personally, I’d like to first introduce my son Nico.  You’ve gathered that I’m a consultant serving recruiters.  Well, in spite of all the other functions he so masterfully performs, so is my son.  He’s been serving recruiters as a coach for over three years now.  But, the […]